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I'm Not Stupid, I'm Just Pregnant...And It's a Long Story

Autobiographical Bullsh*t Atempt to Write Stuff Worth Reading

18 August
I became a mom at the age of 15, after loseing my mom to cancer and officially becoming an "orphan". My boyfriend always asks me why I always say that in my blogs, he says I don't need to explain myself that way. But I guess I feel like in a lot of ways, those particular facts have defined me as a person. I was a teen mom, and it seemed at the time I had a great big stamp on my forhead that said so. The world made me feel like I should be ashamed of it, and at the same time I should be pittied, or commended for my stregnth because of losing my parents. I'm 22 now and I think all of that is bull-shit. I would never reccomend anyone getting pregnant as a teenager, but if it happens (which it does, and as long as there are teenage girls in the world it will continue to happen) it shouldn't and doesn't mean your life is over and I hate that so many people impress that idea on young girls who get in that situation. They seem to say, well give up, it's too hard to go to school, you'll never make it so just be grateful for a job at WalMart or Wendy's and forget your dreams. Like that's the best thing for your child? I don't think so, if you're uneducated and broke, depressed and stressed--You will be incapable of being a good parent to your child. If you can't feel good about yourself you can't make anyone else feel good either. Getting an education and getting the confidence that comes with it is not selfish, it's the best thing you can do to ensure a better future for you and your child, and set an example for them. Giving up is easy, I'm not saying trying to take care of a baby and go to school and getting a good job are easy tasks, their not it's 10 times harder. But if I could do it with no one to help so can anyone else, and it's soooo worth it. There's no such thing as impossible. That's my soap box, that's my rant :). I'm 22 and the mother of a happy and wonderful 6 year-old little girl Reina. I've been with my "fiance" almost 5 years and we live in Port Orchard. I'm currently studying medical transcription, and should be done soon, hoping to work from home! There's plenty more but that's the gist. I'll be keeping this blog, "journal" for me, for many reasons. I need to write again, I have no interest in trying to get readers or hopes that it'll be an literary gem...Just life, there's a lot to say and I need to start saying it and being honest.
90s music, a lil everything, action flicks, and attempting to write, and great freinds, and our wonderful daughter, and sci-fi, and under the dome., cheese burgers, cigerettes, coffee, dreaming about traveling, every stephen king, french fries, gerald's game, good books, great boyfreind, hair dye, high heels, huge bookworm, kurt vonnegut, love thrillers!, love tom robbins, maroon5, my king fave's are, new jeans!, rainy days, reading, sarah mclachlan, sheryl crow, spending time with my, the dark tower series, the stand, the talisman, the wreckers, total disaster movie junkie, train