January 23rd, 2012

Feeling guilty...sort of

Spent most of the night talking to him. He posted a song for me, good to hear his voice, and that guitar. I want him though. And I'm going to bed with another man, he's already back up and playing Halo and yelling disgusting insults. Yes I feel guilty, does it feel wrong? No. Will we ever be together? Probably not. I need him though, some part of me does. He knows, and probably enjoys it, another "fan" (yuck!). He just better not change his damn mind once I finally move on. One last shot. My hero, my heart, my second chance, that tore me apart--what's good enough for you isnt always good enough for me, but I love you all the same. Just take care of me however you can, you owe me that much.

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