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Hero Take Me Home

You make me lose sight,
Of the reality I'm seeking.
Thank god you can't see me,
Because my knees are weakening.

You're a different kind of addiction,
And a dangerous game to play,
Because I feel I'm sinking,
In a very shameful way.

You were my hero,
And I your biggest regret,
Words you didn't need to speak,
Among memories I can't forget.

I was your awful secret.
You became my home.
We fell into each other,
Because we couldn't be alone.

You are worldly and smart,
Clever, full of charm.
Well, the world ate me alive,
And I'm running back to your arms.

Running back to your madness,
Your comforting song.
Somehow this mess,
Is where I feel I belong.

I wish I could be more,
And comfort you the same,
Wipe the tears,
And kiss the pain.

Did you know I'd need you?
Did you see it coming in the end?
Are you ready to play the hero,
And bring me home again?

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