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And who writes me tonight? Chris, blast from the past. I lied I did cheat. Once. He tried to get in my pants for months, even bringing flowers to my work. Handsome as hell, 6'5", blonde hair to his ears, brown eyes, the guy all the other girls wanted. I got tricked into it, he whisked me a way to the nicest hotel in the area, and produced the largest bag of cocain I'd ever seen or ever would see. We practically tore each others clothes off and he lifted me up, my legs wrapped around his waist, pressed me against the huge picture windows of the suite over-looking the water and fucked me like it was water after a week in the desert, some desperate thirst. It was a crazy night. And much to my disbelief he continued to chase me after he'd had me, there were more flowers, letters. I shut him down pretty much I guess. He wanted me because I was unattainable, and he reminded me so much of Ian, even his personality. But I wanted a safe life. He wasn't safe. And i just didn't want him, still don't, it exciting to be wanted, but that's it. He still owns the apartments my friend lives in, and runs a medical marajuana dispensary in Seattle, he's successful and just came back from his 3rd trip to Peru. Well I guess it's nice to know SOMEONE wants me. Not responding though.

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